7 Sexting Phrases You Should Never Use

It’s totally acceptable to let your freak flag fly when you’re sexting, but if you still rely on these phrases, you need to refresh your sexting button. While these had their moment in the spotlight, it’s time to move on from the questionable yet catchy sexting phrases we once relied on.

Leave these terms in High School, and I guarantee you’ll be getting much more action than you did back then.

Bang It Out:

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, but this phrase reminds us we need to rush to get everything done before your parents come home. This doesn’t even sound satisfying, more like you’re obligated to do a dreadful chore. Quite the opposite of building sexual tension you’ve totally obliterated the entire built up of what sexting is.


You’ve either been sexiled or used this at one moment in time when you needed to get it in before you had to go to separate dorms. If you use this term you might not get to follow thru with your rendezvous because you are not a King, therefore, you can not just banish people.

Step down from that little pedestal of yours and use any other term to get rid of your roomies for the night.

Pop A Boner:

Again with the whole boner thing, we all know what happens when guys get a little excited. You can describe what you will do when one does pop up, but you don’t need to announce that it indeed popped up.

While we enjoy the idea of turning you on, this reminds us of the prepubescent days when you first started popping them.

Finger Bang:

Not too sure about you, but this sounds pretty painful. Why in the world would girls want their most prized possession banged with your fingers? Obviously, that is what fingering entails, but there are so many other terms you can use other than doing damage to give us pleasure.

Cop A Feel:

If we are to the point of sexting, we apparently passed up second base and are now sliding into home. We gave you full permission to touch us so stop acting like you’re a little boy who’s never touched a boob before. Don’t give away your inexperience by using this one.

Let’s Bone:

I am fully aware that when a guy is sexually aroused, he gets a boner and ends up sticking his ‘bone’ in us but there’s no reason to get so technical. Let’s not cut to the chase and send this thinking it’s considered a sext especially if you want a place to put your bone other than you’re hand.

Motor Boat:

Used to be sexual, and now a complete joke that realistically gives no pleasure at all. If any of your sex moves entail ‘motor boating‘ good luck on being taken seriously ever again after you send that sorry excuse for a sext.

Unless you’re a horny teenager who’s never been to second base, I highly recommend hiding this phrase like your memories of high school altogether.

Get your creative juices flowing and erase any of these phrases from your sexting vocabulary!

If you want to learn more, check out the video below!