Why everyone should have a fuck buddy

Having sex is amazing. I think everyone can agree with me on that. So why do so many of us confine sex to relationships? There are so many of us who impose our own ‘rules’ of sorts to sex. So many of us believe that we can only have sex if you’re married, or in a relationship, or if it’s monogamous. To that I say, no thank you.

We need to stop looking down and judging one another for one night stands, having sex for fun or with more than one person, or doing porn. Even if your own beliefs donít line up with having sex outside of marriage you have to admit that sex is pretty darn fun and everyone should experience a good fuck every once in a while.

I’m here to make a case for casual sex, more specifically for FWB. Sex is one of the most intimate, enjoyable, and important things that can happen between one person ñ or a group of people. Why deprive yourself of this aspect of the human experience?

Sex is awesome and everyone should be having it. Here’s why everyone needs a fuck buddy:

Sex is good for your health

There are multiple studies that show that sex is incredibly good for your health. Sex does everything from helping reduce the chance of prostate cancer in men to making you look more attractive due to reducing the release of certain hormones in the body.
It can even count as going to the gym since you burn a ton of calories, enough for sex to qualify as moderate exercise.

So the next time someone judges you for sleeping around, remind them that by doing so (safely of course) youíre healthier than them.

Orgasms are the bomb

I think this reason kinda speaks for itself. Anyone who has ever had an orgasm could probably agree that they want to do it again, as much as possible.
Orgasms not only feel like actual heaven on earth. But they can relieve muscle pain, headaches, and help with bladder control with women.

Here’s a fun fact: the more orgasms a woman has, the stronger her pelvic muscles get, and the stronger her pelvic muscles are directly effects how strong her orgasms are.
So cum often my friends.

Getting really freaky will help with your communication skills

Do you like to get a little kinky during your sexy times? Good! Because studies show people who integrate fetishes like BDSM into their sex life are actually better communicators.

Doing kinky stuff means that you have to make sure communication channels are open with your partner. There also needs to be a level of trust and respect as to not push the otherís boundaries. Saying goodbye to the vanilla lifestyle could mean an improvement in both your romantic, sexual and personal relationships!

I only listed three reasons why sex is awesome, but there are certainly plenty more. And do you know the best way to ensure that youíre always having sex? Either be in a relationship or find yourself a fuck buddy!

Having a FWB means less pressure on you emotionally and consistent sex. And consistent sex means a more healthy, happier, satisfied you! I encourage you, dear reader, to reevaluate your stance on casual sex if youíve never been open to it before and consider finding yourself a fuckbuddy date so that you might always be sexually satisfied.

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