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3 Hook Ups You’ve Had In College

Ah, the college dating life is filled with various kinds of action-packed hookups it’s hard to keep track. Whether you’ve yet to experience any of these or already crossed them all off of your list, rest assure they will inevitably happen throughout your early twenties.

Drunken Hookup:

Your drunk goggles are in full effect, and you’re making the best, worst decision of the night. All you need for this is the right level of intoxication, an attractive partner, and nearby hookup spot. Realistically people will go into the evening ready to drink and dance with their buddies but before they know it the uber is being called to whisk away their sex buddy.

Not too sure what their name is or if they live in the area but who cares? You’re supposed to be talking with your body, and that’s exactly what you end up doing. This hookup either ends the same night it started or if you’re lucky it turns into a fuck buddy, sometimes even something more serious.

Whether it’s your goal to take someone home or arbitrary, you will throw any rationalization out the window and give in to your urges and guess what? That’s perfectly okay.

Spontaneous Hookup:

The right time to have a hookup is anytime. These hookups are by far the most exciting because you think you have the rest of your day planned and then BAM! You run into an old fling, receive a random sext or get out of your house long enough to make eye contact with a hottie.

Going into the night with no expectations leads to no disappointments and if having sex wasn’t on the agenda what do you have to lose? Being prepared for something so natural takes the fun and excitement out of it so hook up on a whim, and you might be surprised how much more satisfied you are.

It can be nerve-racking, and you may end up shaving your entire body in 30 seconds or not at all but it’s totally worth the rush of excitement.

FWB Hookup:

All of that friendly sexual tension you’ve built will finally overflow to the point of intimacy. Whether alcohol is involved or just a late game night, someone will gain enough courage to make a move. This hookup is a little tricky because even though it takes two to tango there’s no guarantee the friendship won’t get weird.

If you’re a pro at making things awkward, then you just messed up the group dynamic but if you mutually agree to continue or never do that again then congrats! There is a slim chance of making it out of the friend zone, but that doesn’t mean a one-night hookup won’t end up happening at some point in time.

There is no right or wrong to a hookup experience as long as you have a good night or story to make out of it. Don’t fret because these hookups continue way to pass your horny, love-struck college years.

Check out the video below if you want to learn more!

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